Out of the Dust and coming back to Life - 10ft Diameter "Iron Turbine" an 1879 Rare Wind Turbine (Windmill), this "MAST FOOS", (7 bucket), "Iron Turbine", (Springfield, OH) was located in the 1800's barn loft at Eagle Fork. Steve Mueller & I sifted thru 120 year old dust & debris (and about 6 - 8 inches of Raccoon droppings) to locate and remove the mill. We had found a large part of it back in 2018, but today we decided to locate as many parts as we could and reassemble the Turbine. - - the results are as pictured. Steve was able to mount all the Turbine buckets and we began putting the puzzle together. Steve built a stand to mount the assembly on, as we put it together. The turbine was assembled and (with help from Ryan Dubinski) they were able to install the HEAVY Turbine on to the shaft and we then added the 7ft long tail vane - - Patented in late 1879, this rare "Iron Turbine" mill is an original intact example of the first mass produced all-metal windmill. Produced by Mast, Foos and Company of Springfield, Ohio, from 1876 to (Circa) 1898, the mill is highly significant as it relates to the technical evolution of turbine wheel type water pumping windmills - - - -  (See FB page). https://www.facebook.com/eaglefork/posts/1503101853185111

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